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The East Kent Morris Minor Owners Club is open to all classic car enthusiasts, whether your pride and joy is a Morris or a Morgan, an Austin or a Sunbeam, an MG or a Wolseley, a Ford or a Bentley.

If you have an interest in those old cars from days gone by, when the luxury gadgets were a cigar lighter and a heater and leather seats were standard to all models then we’d like to chat with you over a pint at the bar.

Find us at The Dog and Duck pub at Plucks Gutter (postcode CT3 1JB) on the second Monday of each month at around 7.30pm.

We would like you to come and join our club to swell our numbers on one of our runs out in the Kent countryside in our old cars and to travel with us to classic car rallies in and around Kent. We might have a fish and chip run to the seaside or maybe a maintenance day to help with that necessary work on your car which you’ve been putting off for some time.

Our year starts with the New Year’s Day run and we often have quizzes, raffles and sometimes entertainment at our monthly meetings. We have a long weekend away in May each year before the rally season gets really busy. The year ends with a superb Christmas dinner at the Dog and Duck.

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